Sukebandeka 2: Counter-Attack of the Kazama Sisters


Teenage sisters must stop a plot to overthrow the Japanese government.

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Sukebandeka 2: Counter-Attack of the Kazama Sisters

Based on the popular Japanese TV series about a young high school delinquent recruited by a special police force unit investigating juvenile crimes. Her unique M.O. was her weapon of choice — a solid steel yo-yo that she wielded with deadly accuracy.

Brash young politician Kuraudo Sekin has formed an elite security bureau to crack down on juvenile crime. But due to its extreme methods of justice, the bureau’s most promising young member, Yui Kazuma (Yui Asaka), refuses to aid them any further and resigns. Now it seems that the bureau may have a shadier purpose — to take over the Japanese government! So now, Yui and her sisters must lead the resistance to oppose the evil bureau and save Japan from a coup d’etat!

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