Jackie Chan: The Action Pack


Four full feature length Jackie Chan kung fu classics!

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Jackie Chan: The Action Pack

Jackie Chan – The Action Pack! 4 action packed films!

  • The Young Tiger : Film negatives showing the gangster boss of the underworld perpetrating criminal acts falls into the hands of Mai Fong, an attractive girl who wants to escape the control of the underworld. When she uses the negatives to attempt to bargain for her freedom, she is poisoned by the gangsters. Mai manages to escape. With the gangsters in hot pursuit and the poison beginning to take effect, Mai tries to reach the hospital. She dies in the taxi on the way to the hospital. The gangsters are convinced, however, that before she died, Mai handed the negatives to the taxi driver, Bruce. Bruce’s troubles have just begun.
  • Fire Dragon: During a war, the Intellligence Group of the country selects several members of the committee to form a team to steal the secret file from the enemy’s army base. Among the members of the team are prisoners, famous thieves and great fighters. Their destination is the Island of the Women Warriors. Unfortunately, they are trapped on an island. Will they be able to succeed with their mission? Or will they discover something so unbelievable about their own intelligence group?
  • Eagle Shadow Fist: During WWII the Japanese Army occupies Northern China and kills the country hero along with many innocent citizens. A hero actor named Bruce Li performs “Man Tin Cheung” the story of a country hero and lover, for the purpose of educating the people defending the country against the Japanese. During the performance the Japanese troops come to arrest Bruce. Bruce fights heroically and with the help of an actress, in the show, he escapes. When Bruce and the actress enter the check station at the border they witness the Japanese assaulting Chinese citizens. Bruce kills the soldiers and escapes. Hay Tze and Chau Fung, two fellow actors, are captured by the Japanese troops, but Hay Tze manages to escape and get the message back to Bruce. Attempting to save Chau Fung, Bruce finds himself in the middle of the Japanese Wai Che Association where Chau Fung has been assaulted by the Japanese official Tin Chi. Bruce manages to save Chau Fung, killing the Japanese officers in the process.
  • Fantasy Mission Force: During WWII the Allies are attacked by the enemy and the army fund is stolen. An intelligence agent, of the Allies, forms a mission force to get the money back. The “Devil Sergeant” is the coordinator of the Fantasy Mission Force. The Devil Sergeant gathers specialists from every field for his team, each an accomplished fighter. The Mission Force discovers that the Devil Sergeant is actually using the Mission Force to locate the army fund for his own use. During an intense, ferocious battle, the Mission Force successfully kills the Devil Sergeant and recovers the army fund.

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