Police Arrest & Control


Police arrest and control techniques.

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Police Arrest & Control

Veteran law enforcement officer Keith Livingston teaches the keys to controlling a suspect during the rest process, with a focus on subduing noncompliant suspects. Keith begins with a review of officer safety including positioning, stance, and awareness. He then moves into the two officer contact and cover technique, teaching a number of simple effective takedowns that can be used to subdue and arrest a suspect who becomes noncompliant. Both the contact and cover officers’ roles are discussed, with an emphasis on the cover officer;s use of the element of surprise. Within each scenario, Keith shows you what might go wrong and how you can regain control of the situation, including quick reversals for dangerous ground positions and the important of head control.

The instruction wraps up with a look at taking control of a knife-wielding attacker through the use of scenario assessment, distance, and the officer’s use of deadly force. Keith demonstrates techniques for defusing the most common types of knife attacks based on his many years of experience as a patrol officer. With its strong emphasis on simple, effective techniques and officer safety, Police Arrest and Control is a solid addition to any law enforcement collection.

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