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Police ground combat techniques

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Police Ground Combat

Police Ground Combat tactics is a crash course in the essentials of ground fighting for law enforcement officers, or anyone who wants to take control of a confrontation on the ground. Because law enforcement officers don;t have time to learn a lot of complicated techniques, certified law enforcement officer Eric Murray has put together a set of skills that will enable you to gain the superior position and subdue an assailant on the ground.

You’ll learn the key points of control, submission and escape from the guard, mount, and side mount positions as well as reversals from the ground. You’ll also learn important ground combat skills like recovery from the ground, weapon retention on the ground, taking down a noncompliant suspect, defending a takedown with the sprawl, and using striking skills on the ground.

Put all of your skills together with flow drills, heavy bag drills, target striking, and key ground combat conditioning exercises. Eric Murray has put together a dynamic course based on over 20 years experience in law enforcement and military service. His training method is based on the “Get into it” or “Fight out of it philosophy that he has used successfully to train hundreds of active duty police officers.

Eric Murray has 20 years combined military and law enforcement experience including 4 years as a local police officer and 12 years as a state trooper. He is currently a certified law enforcement instructor teaching Trooper Safety and Survival, Arrest and Control Techniques, Patrol Tactics, Interview and Interrogation, Leadership, and Riots and Civil Disorder.

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