24 Hour Binge


17 action movies, over 24 hours runtime.

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24 Hour Binge

Brotherhood of Justice
Teenage boys, hoping to rid their school of crime, form a vigilante group called the Brotherhood of Justice. Starring Keanu Reeves and Kiefer Sutherland.

Jack Devlin, a top-notch federal agent, must put his own life on the line in his most dangerous case ever—protecting a sexy supermodel from a lethal assassin.

A down-and-out writer falls into a life of crime when a small-time crook takes him under his wing and introduces him to a girl (Diane Lane) who threatens to tear them apart.

My Little Assassin
A story of forbidden love and political intrigue rooted in conspiracy, My Little Assassin is the true account of Marita Lorenz, Fidel Castro’s mistress turned trained assassin.

A businessman (Dennis Hopper) and a local serial killer (Michael Madsen) help each other cover up their respective murders.

The Contract
When trained assassin Hannah loses her partner on assignment, she fights back against the people responsible for his death.

A hired hitman is distracted by a troubled ex-girlfriend and a potential new employer in this crime thriller.

Alone in the Neon Jungle
When a female police captain (Suzanne Pleshette) gets transferred to one of the most corrupt precincts in Los Angeles, she uncovers shocking corruption within the force.

Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes
Spenser (Robert Urich) and his girlfriend, Susan, head to the town of Wheaton to investigate a reporter’s death and uncover a deadly drug ring.

South Bronx Heroes
A reformed criminal (Mario Van Peebles) and his sister team up with a pair of runaways to take down a depraved child abuser.

Nightmare at Bittercreek
A group of friends hoping for a horseback riding adventure in the mountains come face-to-face with danger when they encounter a group of Aryan survivalists.

The Fall
A beautiful woman on the run bursts into Adam Ellis’ (Craig Sheffer) apartment looking for help. But the man she fears is closely tied to the man she hopes will protect her.

Tunnel Vision
Gabriel’s (Cristos) wife and son have been murdered, and when the jury fails to convict the killer, this vengeful father must seek out his own justice.

The beautiful daughter of a convicted spy is hired by the CIA to take down a Soviet arms dealer in this Alfred Hitchcock remake.

Burning Daylight
From the bowels of 20th century New York to the cutthroat atmosphere of Wall Street, rivaled thieves, ruthless women and risky business men are the stars of this show.

Second-Story Man
When his girlfriend is killed in a bank robbery attempt, Arthur becomes obsessed with getting revenge against the shooter.

3 Days Gone
After being left for dead in a shallow grave, Lucas Snow must retrace his steps to find who betrayed him.

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