White Sake Set


Five piece white glazed ceramic Japanese sake set in gift box.

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This beautiful 5 Piece Japanese Sake Set features superior quality and elegant design. Perfect for everyday use or collecting, and makes a great gift. Bottle is 5″ tall, 2.5″ diameter, and cups are 2″ tall with a 2″ diameter. Tray not included (sold separately).

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Weight 2 lbs

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  1. Andrew

    A fine sake set

    The box holding the set is well padded and handily survived shipping across the country. The paint on the bottles and cups has the very subtle and intentional lines present on most glazed cups and bottles of this type. The colors are bold and strong, and not likely to fade with normal amounts of exposure. The cups and bottle themselves seem strong, with no prominent edges to easily chip or crack in a washing machine. The black and white color scheme helps it to fit in where more ornately decorated, or solid black, color schemes would be challenging. It’s a set that I’ll be happy to offer when serving friends and honored guests.

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