Magic Calligraphy Set


Magic calligraphy set that uses no ink — just plain water! Brushes, rack, and water dish included.

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Magic Calligraphy Set

It is said that calligraphy is the essence of some asian cultures. It is though to promote calm, reduce stress, cultivate morality, and optimize temper. Zen with a pen.

This set is the latest environmentally friendly way to practice calligraphy. The secret is the special paper made of polyester filaments. Using nothing but plain water, the paper reacts and produces the same effect as traditional rice paper and ink. But in a few minutes, when the water dries, the ink vanishes and the paper can be used again. You can repaint and practice every few minutes thanks to this unique, environmentally friendly paper. Can be used over and over.

This set comes with 1 magical water writing cloth, 3 high quality calligraphy brushes, 1 ceramic brush rack, 1 water dish. Colorful and decorative packaging, makes a great gift.

To get the most out of this set, only store it by rolling the paper when it is completely dry. Never fold it. Don’t use anything other than plain water on it — no ink, paint, or colored liquids. Just water. Avoid touching the paper with your hands to prevent getting oils or perspiration on the paper. Don’t scratch or damage the paper with sharp or hard objects.

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