Whirlwind Knight


The Golden Dragon Clan will stop at nothing to get both halves of a treasure map.

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Whirlwind Knight

Two halves of a treasure map owned by two brothers is the one thing the Golden Dragon Gang want to get, and they’l oil anyone who gets in their way. When the gang quickly dispenses with the two brothers in a blitz home invasion, their third brother, returning from ten years of wandering, arrives and teaches the gang a lesson they’ll never forget — that is, if they survive at all. Henchman after henchman is filleted like a brook trout as our hero literally cuts his way through a jungle of sword wielding thugs, a trio of fancy-weapon gang leaders, and a masked ninja assassin that’s killing people on both sides. Who will be left alive to claim the treasure? Find out in this high body count wuxia classic.

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