Chinese Connection 2


Chen Shan must return to Shanghai to re-establish the Chin Wu martial arts school, but finds it has been taken over by a Japanese karate master.

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Chinese Connection 2-0
Chinese Connection 2

Chinese Connection 2 (released as Fist of Fury 2 in many parts of the world) is a sequel to Bruce Lee’s memorable film The Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury), taking up the story immediately following the death of Chen Chen, who was killed in a most memorable ending after avenging the murder of his Teacher. The Ching Wu school is, to put it mildly, in disarray, and this condition quickly begins to spread to the other Chinese martial arts schools in Shanghai. The Japanese, for their part, are more cruel and contemptible than ever, continuing to take out Ching Wu students and eventually, under the leadership of a new martial arts master named Miyamoto, taking over the Ching Wu school itself. It’s actually rather hard to watch at times, as the defeated and demoralized Chinese fighters turn into weak cowards, and those who do stand up and fight back prove vastly unequal to the task. The Ching Wu teacher, believing he has failed his Teacher and his students, has become an alcoholic and a thoroughly broken man. At this point, Chen Chen’s brother Chen Shan (Bruce Li) arrives in Shanghai determined to avenge his brother’s killing. He alone shows no fear of the Japanese, delivering a number of up close and personal instruction sessions with those who try to get in his way. The Chinese actually berate the man and urge him to leave town so that the Japanese won’t come after them, but Chen Shan refuses to stand down.

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