Utility Flame Fuel


2-pack of environmentally friendly fuel packs.

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Utility Flame Fuel-0
Utility Flame Fuel

Two pack of new and improved fuel gel. A quick & simple fire source for any situation. Utility Flame is simple, dependable and cost effective — perfect for
everything from disaster prep to camping to starting the barbecue. Fuel is safe, clean and efficient. 30 Year Shelf Life. One pouch used efficiently can boil 4 cups of water in about 20 minutes. Burns at -23°F/ -30.5°C. Burns up to 10,000 feet elevation. Water-Soluble. Does Not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt. Smokeless and Odorless. No Clean-Up Necessary — byproducts are carbon dioxide, water, and sand. Non-explosive. No EPA Restrictions. Travel Friendly.

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