Fireball Flint & Striker


Compact flint and striker on a chain, great for survival kits!

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The most compact flint & striker designed to fit into the smallest survival kit. Scraping the flint produces a shower of sparks, suitable for lighting tinder. Long lasting. The striker can be used as a small knife or saw. Flint and striker are attached with a small chain so they are always together when you need them.

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  1. Andrew

    Very handy for a survival necklace

    It wasn’t until I got this ferroserium rod that I seriously considered making a survival necklace. The breakaway chain it comes on is long enough to fit around most necks (if you’re willing to fasten/unfasten it), while it will never be able to choke you on accident. The rod is a little shorter than I would like, maybe about 4-5 inches long, but it has a strong metal spoon backing the rod – so you don’t have to be bashful about how you spark it. The included striker means that you won’t have to worry about fire even if you’re not carrying a knife. All in all, this is a very lightweight means of carrying fire with you that won’t take up a pocket. It’s part of my everyday kit now.

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