Street Fighters Part 2


Bruce is falsely accused and must embark on a path of discovery, retribution, and vicious revenge.

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Vengeance is the motivation, and ferocious martial arts skills the means, in STREET FIGHTERS PART 2. Wandering soul Bruce finally seems to have gotten his life in order. He’s made a fast friend in Mario after saving him in a bar fight, finally has a steady job at Chen’s gym, and seems to have found love with Chen’s daughter. But then two vicious thugs destroy Bruce’s stability, framing him for the robbery and murder of Chen. Bruce is imprisoned, but while behind bars he plans his escape, and the form of brutal revenge he will exact upon the criminals once he is free. Number of Discs: 1 Rating: Not Rated Film Country: USA Genre: Action/Adventure Format: DVD Region: Region 0 Director: Stewart Cheung Leading Role: Sean Lee, Lyon Chan

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