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Kung Phooey! Art Chew is the star martial arts pupil of China’s ancient Shur-Li Temple. His sensi Master Card sends him on a quest to retrieve a magical peach that holds the secret to eternal youth. Art travels to America to recover the “Ancient Peach with the help of his friends Roy Lee who despite having no martial arts skills believes he is the reincarnation of Bruce Lee and the heroic and sexy Sue Shee. KUNG PHOOEY is Bruce Lee meets Austin Powers in an outrageous spoof with Kung Fu action and knock-out laughter.

Rug & Tug Convinced that his employees are secretly engaging in sexual acts with the customers untrusting full body massage parlor owner Lawrence (Richard Zeppieri) attempts to cement his suspicions by hiring new manager Conrad (Don McKeller) to investigate his employees. A seemingly placid and incompetent nice guy whose obvious tactics only serve to bond the girls together in keeping the hapless new manager in the dark masseuses Lea (Lindy Booth) Betty (Tara Spencer-Nairn) and Cindy (Kira Clavell) execute a variety of clever tricks in foiling their boss’ plan. It soon becomes obvious however that both sides may have underestimated the tactics of their opponents. As a battle of wits between the protective Betty and the determined Conrad comes to a head the characters all appear to have their own motivations in maintaining their position. Spending a year behind-the-scenes in the world of massage parlors in preparation for her lively and insightful debut screenwriter and director Soo Lyu offers a unique comedy from a seldom seen perspective.

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