Police Safety & Survival Volume 1


Police safety techniques focusing on nerve control and weapon retention.

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Police Safety & Survival Volume 1

Law enforcement officers face potentially serious threats to their safety in every confrontation, from suspects who passively resist arrest to hose intent on creating a life threatening situation by disarming an officer. In the Police Safety and Survival series, veteran law enforcement officers and training instructors Mark Wyler and Eric Murray teach the finer points of diffusing potentially lethal situations with a variety of verbal, empty hand, and weapon techniques,

In Police Safety and Survival 1, the emphasis is on use of the kubaton, pressure point striking, handgun retention and handgun disarming. Learn to use hard and soft pressure point techniques against both active and passive resisters. Use the sympathetic nervous system to create involuntary reactions ranging from creating distance or distracting a suspect or to momentarily disabling him.

The second portion of the DVD covers retention of the handgun both in and out of the holster and disarming techniques in the event that a suspect gains control of the officer’s handgun or the unarmed officer finds himself facing a weapon at close range.

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