Naginata, Traditional


Naginata with 21″ carbon steel blade and sheath. 62″ overall.

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The naginata was a battlefield weapon of medieval Japan that was somewhat of a cross between a sword and a spear. The blade was forged like a traditional katana blade, but the handle was a long solid wood shaft resembling a spear. The blade was attached to the handle with pegs, and reinforced with metal bands or wrappings. The pommel end often had a solid metal cap.

This naginata is 62″ overall and features a 21″ carbon steel blade. The handle features a decorative metal band and is made to be taken down into two sections for ease of transport. The wooden sheath protects the blade when not in use.

This naginata makes a great decorative accent and could be used for light forms practice. It is not recommended for tameshigiri, sparring, or actual combat.

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