Muay Thai Fights Volume 2


Hard core Muay Thai fights filmed on location in rural Thailand.

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Muay Thai Fights Volume 2-0
Muay Thai Fights Volume 2

Muay Thai Fights Volume 2 was filmed in the rural provinces of Thailand. While the biggest fights are fought in Bangkok, the provinces are where the talent begins. This footage takes you to the breeding ground of hardcore, old school Muay Thai. Professional rules — boxing, kicking, knees, and elbows — all full contact with no pads or gear.

You’ll experience it all first hand — live music, local fans, fighters hungry for their big break — with a camera angle that makes you feel like you’re in the ring. All bouts were filmed over the ropes from a neutral corner, putting you as close to the fights as you can get as a spectator.

Muay Thai Fights Volume 2 brings you six 5-round fights for over 80 minutes of nonstop Thai boxing action.

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