Micro Sparkwheel


Compact, reliable spark source for starting fires.

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Micro Sparkwheel

Have you ever wished for a nice, consistent, easy spark tool? Well now you’ve got it. It’s as easy and familiar as a butane lighter, but just the sparky part. Use it to light your tinder and have a fire in no time. Very compact and lightweight, this striker can find a home in your tiniest survival tin, pocket, or glove compartment. Measures 1 1/2″ overall. Brass construction. Optional one or two-handed operation. Adjustable tension spring ensures a hot spark every time. Includes three replacement flints in a compact, clear composition, waterproof tube. Small, reliable firestarter that generates sparks in cold, wet and windy conditions Designed to spark hundreds of times.

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  1. Andrew

    The handiest and most compact way to make sparks

    I’ve carried a lot of ferroserium striking tools in my day. Long rods, short rods, rods embedded in magnesium, short rods that weren’t good for much, campfire lantern strikers, and even just pieces of flint and steel. This little device here is, hands down, the most useful of any of them.

    As anyone who’s used a ferro rod will tell you, it’s really easy to disturb your tinder while striking the rod, and ruin your fire lay. It takes quite a bit of time and practice to get a good solid practiced striking motion. Coleman lantern lighters are superior in this regard because they can be struck without great motion, but they are large and awkward to hold, and often don’t produce a high volume of sparks. This starter combines the limited motion of the lantern lighter with the larger shower of sparks of the ferro rod, and it can even be operated with a single hand. We have a winner.

    The entire device is basically just the striker from a regular lighter. But it’s bigger than normal, and has an adjustable tension screw on the bottom to get more sparks as the flint gets smaller. The device comes in a plastic tube with 3 replacement ferro rods, which I promptly dropped on the floor and lost. Oops. I am reasonably sure you can use any zippo lighter replacement flint in this device, however, so they are not hard to find.

    The device throws a hot shower of sparks with an easy flick. My one complaint is that, in order to use it one handed, you have to place your tinder on a striking surface and draw the tool back towards the tinder. The handle is simply too small to allow effective striking with one hand in the traditional way (e.g., like a lighter). But regardless, I had absolutely no difficulty starting fires with this device given sufficiently dry tinder.

    This device’s small size, light weight, and its capability to provide rapid showers of hot sparks, make it a no brainer for any well-equipped man’s fire kit.

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