Iaido Sword


Iaido, the classical japanese discipline of drawing and cutting with the sword, is covered extensively in this instructional book.

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Iaido Sword

About the Book

Iaido is the classical Japanese discipline of drawing and cutting with the long sword in defense of an unanticipated attack, throwing off the blood and returning the sword to its sheath. It is the direct inheritor of techniques perfected by centuries of samurais whose lives and honor depended on their spirit and prowess. Babin brings together all the information needed to pursue a formal study of this art, including how to choose a sword, cut with it, take care of it and assume the clothing. He covers not only the basic moves and positions, but the entire curriculum of forms of the muso shinden ryu of iaido. Equally important, the author puts the art in its historic and social perspective, helping clarify for the reader the spiritual pathway the way of the sword offers. If you want to learn iaido, this is your textbook.

About the Author

Richard W. Babin, BS, M.D., is a practicing surgeon who served two years active duty in the USAF as chief of head and neck surgery at Maxwell Field during the Vietnam conflict. His interest in the martial arts began with several years of judo in the 1960s in San Francisco. Upon entering private practice he began studying yang-style taiji, which he still pursues. He has practiced muso shinden ryu iaido for eight years and has been awarded the rank of Sandan by the All-U.S. Kendo Federation.

  • Softcover 8.5″ x 11″ format
  • 266 pages
  • 436 photos

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