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Preserve meat the way your ancestors did with home smoking and curing.

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Smoking and curing meats is an art as old as humanity itself. It began as a means to preserve food before the advent of canning, cold storage and vacuum packing, but today, as more of us desire the kind of self sufficiency and close relationship to our food sources that our ancestors had, these ancient skills are enjoying a renaissance. In “Self Sufficiency: Home Smoking and Curing of Meat, Fish and Game” author Joanna Farrow explains how easy and rewarding smoking and curing meats can be. With just some basic ingredients and equipment, you can salt, cure, air dry and smoke your way to wholesome deliciousness, preserving a range of seasonal and year-round produce using some of the same techniques employed by your forefathers. “Home Smoking and Curing” teaches you how to setup your own smoker, prepare salt and brine cures, air dry and much, much more. The guide’s clear, straightforward instructions and thoughtful advice will give you the confidence and knowledge to experiment and be creative with your food preservation. You can also enjoy the book’s 25 original recipes for meat, game and shellfish – all delectable and surprisingly simple. What could be more enticing than genuine home cured bacon, subtle smoked salmon or delicate air dried ham? Make the most of your meat, fish, game and poultry and order “Home Smoking and Curing” today! Paperback; 128 pages.

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