Fists of Dragon


Martial arts meets Little Rascals and Oliver Twist?

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Fists of Dragon

Did you ever find yourself wondering just how wild a ride it would be if Oliver Twist or the Little Rascals movies featured an array of flipping and kicking kung fu kids? Director Yen Yung-tsu obviously had the dame thoughts and endowed Alfafa and the rest of the gang with kung fu skills to match their attitudes in this martial arts film. “Crazy Knife”, “Bad News”, and the rest of the gang take on crooks, extortionists, and high kicking killers before they face their ultimate nemesis; the infamous Eddie Ko, star of “Duel to the Death”, “Lethal Weapon 4”, and the man who put the fear into Hwang Jan-lee in “Hitman in the Hand of Buddha”, when he laid a furious vengeance upon all who crossed his path.

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