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Terms and Conditions

The internet is full of boilerplate legalese about how data is collected and what it gets used for. Most of it is overly complicated and painful to read. So we decided to be a little different.

We want to earn your business. To do that, we always try to do the right thing. We do ask for your contact details if you want us to ship something to you — that’s kinda necessary. But we don’t sell it to spammers or share it with anyone else, and we’ll delete it if you ask us to. We may occasionally send you an email with info about new products at our store that may interest you, but we won’t waste your time with “affiliate” advertising or anything like that.

We generally accept returns and exchanges within 30 days, but we reserve the right to refuse any return or exchange if the product has been damaged by abuse, misuse, or neglect. As much as possible, returned products should be in the same condition as when you received them (put them back in the original boxes, and so on).

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