The Walking Stick Method of Self Defense


A complete look at both defensive and offensive use of the walking stick.

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About the Book

The walking stick is a convenient and formidable weapon in the hands of a man trained to use it. With the carry and use of firearms and knives becoming more restricted by law, the stick is becoming an increasingly viable implement of practical self-defense for ordinary citizens. Now you can learn both the history and art of stick fighting from one of the earliest known books ever published on the topic.

The “Walking Stick” Method of Self-Defence by “an officer of the Indian Police” is an extraordinary example of a practical martial art text of the early twentieth century. Published in the 1920s, the book provides illustrated instruction in stick-fighting technique as developed by Mr. H.G. Lang, Superintendent of Agency Police, Kathiawar, India. The entire range of defensive and offensive skills is discussed and demonstrated, including guards, strikes, combinations, counterattacks, feints and tricks, double-handed techniques and training drills.

As the author wrote in the original book: “The work will appeal to all, more especially to those who have already been in a ‘tight corner’ and have felt how much they missed in not having known how to use their stick to its best effect.”

About the Author

Techniques developed by Mr. H.G. Lang, Superintendent of Agency Police, Kathiawar, India.

  • Softcover 5.5″ x 8.5″ format
  • 112 pages
  • with photos

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