Stun Gun 4-in-1 Survival Tool


10 Million volt stun gun flashlight with hidden blade and compass.

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Stun Gun 4-in-1 Survival Tool-0
Stun Gun 4-in-1 Survival Tool

This stun gun from Day Zero Survival is a truly multi-functional tool. First, it’s a solid LED flashlight housed in a shock-resistant, military grade aluminum body. The flashlight has three modes — a low intensity mode with low power usage, a high power mode for lighting up the night, and a strobe mode for emergency use. The head of the flashlight features stun prongs that can deliver a powerful 10 Million volt shock that can bring down an assailant. And if that weren’t enough, the handle conceals a double-edged 2.5″ blade that can be used for a variety of utility and self defense tasks. And finally, it includes a compass built into the end of the handle to help keep you oriented. The internal battery is easily recharged by plugging the included charging cord into any standard outlet.

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