Shin / Instep Guards


Tough, durable vinyl guards protect against the strongest kicks.

Shin / Instep Guards-0
Shin / Instep Guards

These white shin and instep guards are made of quality coated vinyl that can stand up to the strongest kicks while resisting tears and punctures. Two piece design goes on and off easily with multiple elastic Velcro® straps around the calf and elastic loops around the foot and heel. Stay protected without sacrificing mobility with these durable guards. Meets the regulations of most Tae Kwon Do organizations. Price is per pair.

Size Chart (measure from bottom of knee to end of instep)
Size Overall Length Instep Length
CHS 13 ½” 4″
CHL 14 ¼” 4 3/8″
S 14 ¾” 4 ¾”
M 16 ¼” 5″
L 17 ½” 5 ½”
XL 18 ½” 6″

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