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Well, that was fun.  The stock market crashed, the government collapsed, people went (more) nuts, the zombies came and went, the world as we knew it went bye bye, and now you’re down to your last case of MRE’s.  Now what?  This book is another way to make sure “The End of the World as We Know It” isn’t the end of your world! It is packed with practical approaches, ideas, instructions,  and how-to explanations to help you make your property more sustainable, productive, and vibrant.  With any luck, you might inspire your neighbors to join in and transform your neighborhood, or your community.  Making the world better can start with you, and then maybe the world as you know it won’t end after all.    Written in Australia, but applicable everywhere.  Covers everything from property assessment to food production, wildlife management, heating, cooling, security, health, finances, and more. Paperback, 592 pages, with plenty of illustrations throughout.

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