Hayashi Judo Gi


Traditional white judo gi with rice grain weave on top, diamond pattern on pants.

Gi top modeled by B.O.B. (B.O.B. not included)
Hayashi Judo Gi

Hayashi single weave bleached Judo/Jujitsu uniform. Made from the finest 100% natural bleached cotton fabric. The top is designed with the traditional rice-grain weave on the top section and the diamond pattern on the bottom section. The pants have the standard elastic with draw string waist and quilted knees. Heavy duty reinforced stitching with wide padded lapels for proper holds. The main stress areas are reinforced and lapels have a durable seam cover. Shoulders and chest are reinforced with extra fabric to stand up to grabs, pulls, and throws. Set includes both top and pants, and a white belt. (B.O.B. not included)

Sizing chart:

Size Weight Height
00 65 lbs 4’4″
0 80 lbs 4’6″
1 95 lbs 4’9″
2 115 lbs 5’2″
3 125 lbs 5’5″
4 150 lbs 5’7″
5 175 lbs 5’9″
6 195 lbs 6’0″
7 225 lbs 6’2″

Additional information

Weight N/A


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