Introduction to Bokken and Kobudo


Introduction to training the bokken wooden sword.

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Introduction to Bokken and Kobudo

The bokken is a wooden replica of the Japanese samurai sword. Many practitioners of iaido, aikido, kendo, jujutsu and wado-ryu, among others, use the bokken for daily practice instead of the more expensive and dangerous metal katana. According to sensei Ted Tabura, a practitioner of lima lama and Okinawan weapons, practicing with the bokken will improve your hand-eye coordination, plus strengthen your hands, arms, wrists and upper body. Tabura presents you with an eclectic free form of bokken and kobudo. Discussed and demonstrated: introduction to bokken, striking, proper gripping, target areas, two-man practice, grand championship freeform two-sword kata, introduction to kama, introduction to naginata and formal sword handling.

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