Firedragon Solid Fuel 6-Pack


Lightweight, clean burning, environmentally friendly fuel. Waterproof — lights when wet. Pack of 6.

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Lightweight, environmentally friendly and waterproof solid cooking fuel. It is used by outdoor enthusiasts and the military to light fires, cook food and boil water in all weather conditions. The solid fuel blocks are quick and easy to ignite even when wet. Odorless and non-toxic resulting in a clean burn. Made from sustainable ingredients. Approximately 8 minutes burn time. Low luminosity. Safe to be packed with food. Can be used with a variety of cookers. This item cannot be shipped air or international.

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  1. Andrew

    The most wicked firestarter I’ve ever purchased from a store

    Here’s the short version: If you take a brick of this stuff, and anything at all that makes sparks, and you are guaranteed to get a fire. Even with wet kindling, this stuff gives you a fighting chance at a sustainable fire.

    I received this item as a generous gift recently, and just had to try it out. Having just had a truly horrible few weeks in the Cascade Mountains, soaking wet, I was eager to evaluate something that increases my chances of staying warm in the field. (I had been unable to find enough dry tinder and kindling to support my usual firestarting methods, and had to pack up and head home, prior to this.) Eager to find something that would help start a fire even in the very wet conditions of Puget Sound, I set out with some wet firewood and one of these babies.

    First, you should read the box. It has several importants facts on it, such as the fact that this firestarter liquifies when it is lit. Once you open the package, the firestarter itself is solid block much like wax. You can scrape it, shape it, and divide it into smaller cubes until it is time to light it. Once lit, the stuff melts and bubbles like a gel, slowly flowing into whatever it is sitting on top of. Please keep this in mind when laying your fire.

    I wanted to evaluate this in native conditions, up on the mountains where I hunt; but unable to go there due to weather, I evaluated this at a nearby campground with some fire rings. The campground does not allow you to burn gathered wood, so I was unable to find regular soaked wood for this test. I took some 1″ thick kindling pieces, one cleft log, and soaked them in the frigid waters of Port Susan for over 30 minutes. I have been in places in the mountains where I was able to split a 3″ log open and squeeze water from the heartwood; I figured soaking them in the ocean for a while would be a decent substitute.

    I found the best way to lay a fire with this stuff is to make a flat spot on a large (wet, if necessary) log, ,and set the brick on the flat spot. If you can use an axe or knife to make a wedge or channel, that is better, as the flowing fluid will melt down into it and work like a mini fire pit. But overall the gel burns slowly enough that I think you will be fine, as long as you set your fire somewhere reasonably far away from unwanted combustible materials.

    Once I had the soaked kindling and the soaked log and the firedragon set and ready to go, I used my pocket knife to gently feather some small pieces of the firestarter up away from the rest. Many firestarters will promise a long burn time and high heat, but require a match or lighter to get going. Not with this stuff. A quick spark from my Micro Sparkwheel (also available from MMAMO) along the feathered edge brought the starter to life.

    I don’t know exactly how hot it burned, or how long it burned. I don’t know because all of the wet kindling I had placed around the pit quickly dried, and soon caught fire. The wet log thhe firestarter was sitting on also quickly dried and caught. By the time I expected the firestarter to go out (about 10 minutes), I could not see it anymore; the rest of the soaked wood had already steamed, dried, and caught into a blaze.

    Normally I will make my own firestarters from wax, egg crate, and drier lint. The firedragon is the only thing I would consider equal to or possibly even superior to my own firestarters. Thanks to MMAMO for sending me this product; as of now, I absolutely believe in dragons.

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