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Can opener, bottle opener, and Spork all in one, with carabiner clip.

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Combination can tool that can replace a pile of silverware with a single 4″ tool. Includes one piece spork, can opener, and bottle opener. Also comes with a carabiner clip.

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Weight 0.2 lbs

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  1. Andrew

    Replaced my Hobo Tool

    I carried a hobo tool for quite a long time, a pocket knife with folding fork and spoon sections, for nearly a decade. The only problem with it was that it had several attachments that I never used, and it was pretty bulky and heavy. I ordered this guy, and my hobo tool immediately went in a drawer; I carry several knives, so this was a much better option than yet another bulky blade I wouldn’t use.

    Aside from that, it’s a spork with a P-51 on it, not a whole lot to say. It does seem to have a rust resistant coating, and is easy to clean. I would recommend filing a 90 degree angle on the long edge of the spork to allow its use as a feroserium rod striker. Other than that, throw it in your pocket and go.

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