Airstrike Punching Bag


Space saving next generation air chambered bag for striking training.

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Airstrike Punching Bag

Give your joints a break in your striking practice with this next generation punching bag.  Featuring a longer striking surface and a durable double inner air chamber, this bag also has a free standing design so you can train anywhere with no extra hanging hardware needed!  The exterior of the bag is a tough and durable polyester denier.   The base can be filled with water or sand, which will give this bag a solid anchor making it hard to knock over so you can train hard.  Comes complete with an electric air pump to inflate or deflate the air chambers in less than a minute.  Stands approximately 55″ tall (10″ base, 45″ striking surface), with a base diameter of 19″ and a striking surface diameter of 13″.

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