For the Warrior, the Dragon, and the Raven!

1200 Spur Drive, Marshfield, Missouri.
Just half a mile south of I-44 at the Marshfield exit 100, next to Oriental Inn. We’re just 20 minutes east of Springfield!

Open 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday

In store or online, we are your preferred source for all your martial arts, preparedness, and self defense needs. We carry traditional martial arts attire (uniforms, belts, shoes), training equipment (pads, shields, targets, punching bags), weapons of wood and steel (knives, swords, sticks of all kinds) as well as the knowledge to use them (books, videos, magazines). When the going gets tough, we have survival and camping gear, freeze dried foods, and tools to help you make it through the worst situations. And when the training day is done we have gifts, accessories, and even drinks and snacks to help relax. Like the sign says — everything a warrior needs!

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